Visions of the future.
The integrated world of steute.

In the years to come, industrial production will undergo a fundamental change. The real and the digital worlds will merge. Products will automatically control their own production, and will be able to communicate – via the “Internet of Things” – with machines and tools, but also with their users.

This development is being discussed under the heading of a fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. What will be its impact on companies, on consumers, on society as a whole? And what will the world be like for us and our children in 2030, or even 2050?

Nobody knows for sure. But it is worth taking a look into the future. And that is exactly what we have done. We have been busy analysing the industrial production of the future and have included our findings in this website – as food for thought for our customers, as “infotainment” in the best sense of the word, and as proof that in our research and development endeavours we never lose sight of global technical and social trends.

The (envisaged) examples from industry and society in the coming decades, as presented here, show that wireless technologies will play a larger role in future data transfer. We have already played a part in this development in the past, and in the future we shall also be driving it forward intensively – in collaboration with our customers.

A look back at the Hanover Fair
The integrated world of steute in Hanover

Integration is a key theme for next-generation production and one which is currently intensively debated under the heading “Industry of Things”. This discussion also dominated the Hanover Fair 2015, which had as its motto “Integrated Industry – Join the Network”.

Appropriately, the theme of the steute booth this year was “The integrated world”. The entire booth design symbolised the integration made possible by steute (wireless) switchgear: a network structure across the floor and up the walls, with design elements representing the switching devices of tomorrow at each of the intersections.

Not only was the entire booth concept new in Hanover, but also the joint presentation of all four steute business divisions – network-compatible human-machine interfaces for operating theatres and medical surgeries are, after all, a key focus for steute Meditec.

To sum up: a successful platform which also aroused particular interest in visiting experts. And the topic “Integrated world” will continue to be of great importance to steute in the coming years.

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For more than fifty years we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation, medical equipment and building automation. Our focus is on four business fields, all of which have their own particular demands: Wireless, Automation, Extreme, Meditec.

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